STace and Cassie

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Musicians often search a lifetime to find that special fit with another person that sparks a musical chemistry, one that is natural and is easily witnessed by audiences. That is exactly what happened with Stace and Cassie during the summer of 2012. They both had spent a couple of years playing with other musicians and occasionally crossing paths through the same musical circles. Eventually, their paths crossed on stage and it was immediately evident that when they performed together, there was and electricity between the two that was undeniable. They very easily and naturally fed off of the energy of one another during their performances. They realized quickly they wanted to start booking shows together and focus solely on being a permanent duo. They made that decision in December 2012. They later married in the fall of 2013, and made playing music their career in 2014. In October of 2015, they signed a record deal with Malaco Records and are hoping to release their first album in the summer of 2016.

Stace and Cassie both have a wide variety of musical influences, which is evident through their performances of originals and covers. They offer an array of sounds in Rock, Country, Folk, Singer/Songwriter and even Pop. Stace taught himself to play guitar at 12 years old, and was quickly influenced by great artists such as The Allman Brothers, CCR, Lenny Kravitz, Melissa Etheridge, and Stevie Ray Vaughn, to name a few. Cassie’s biggest influence was around the age of 17 when she first heard Janis Joplin, which immediately inspired her to want to become a professional singer. Her other influences would later come from Patsy Cline, Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Nicks, Brandi Carlile and Pink. With their combined love of many different genres of music and their unique sound, Stace and Cassie have found their way into the ever growing music scene around Mississippi. They play all over the South and are constantly expanding their audience. With the magical mixture of Stace’s gritty guitar playing and raspy, soulful voice and Cassie’s moving, powerhouse vocals, rhythm guitar playing and percussive accompaniments, they will definitely leave you anxiously awaiting more. As they take you with them on their musical journey, you will be able to witness the raw, organic chemistry that obviously brought them together. 


Vocals, Guitar / Stace Shook
Vocals, Guitar / Cassie Shook